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This whole influence thing stopped me from starting kotfe on my main crafter characters lol

On my sorc (synth, i craft augments all the time) I had no idea what kotfe was about, so I got my talos, ashara, my droid and andronikos to level 30, then I decided to try out kotfe and.. surprise....

So yeah, I had to grind a lot to get 3 of the new ones to level 30.

I usually do the whole lvl 1 greens up to level 20-30 too, not sure if its the best way but it works out for me.

And I keep at least 3 companions at level 30 on my synth, armstech and armormech, since I craft a lot of augment kits and augments (10 65s in pvp). I use them to craft and keep the "Rich" crew skill missions for them
I agree that the "surprise" was a little upsetting. However in another thread another forum-goer points out that we are supposed to get all our companions back eventually, so the investment in influence is not wasted...just delayed for an unknown period.

That being said, my policy - with existing characters - has been (since day one) to never increase a companion's rank over ten until I know that companion is back in KotFE. Rank 10 is the same as max affection when it comes to crit chance and efficiency therefore one does not lose much by getting those companions to 10. With new characters I am finding it VERY easy to get (early companions) past 10 with little to no gift giving; just the story decisions I have made generate a lot of influence (and not always what the companions wants to hear/see either; I get plenty of X disapproves).
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