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04.19.2016 , 01:34 PM | #27
This whole influence thing stopped me from starting kotfe on my main crafter characters lol

On my sorc (synth, i craft augments all the time) I had no idea what kotfe was about, so I got my talos, ashara, my droid and andronikos to level 30, then I decided to try out kotfe and.. surprise....

So yeah, I had to grind a lot to get 3 of the new ones to level 30.

I usually do the whole lvl 1 greens up to level 20-30 too, not sure if its the best way but it works out for me.

And I keep at least 3 companions at level 30 on my synth, armstech and armormech, since I craft a lot of augment kits and augments (10 65s in pvp). I use them to craft and keep the "Rich" crew skill missions for them