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That may be the case now but it wasn't always. Back when SOR was released I somehow ended up with access to it when I was on a 7 day referral. No idea how it happened, but I assume whatever it was is long since fixed. So there is at least a good reason why people still ask this every time there is an expansion
I agree, I too have use the referral link before and then gone on to sub while within the 7 days. I got the xpac plus the cartel coins right away.

Still OP you know tomorrow, just log into a level 70 if you are getting XP for doing anything then yes. Remember to start the new story you must have done the Hearts and Minds first. The new story will then be from your ships terminal. If not well you just have to wait the extra few days, but I think you will if you have now subbed even if still within the referral link days.