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The existence of a bug does not guarantee a patch is possible.
lol again, lets get a Known Bug list out there like we had a few builds back. A list of issues not related to the pc but the game code being researched and put on a list for a bug fix mitigation (even if eventually).

This brief known bug list is not cumulative and you have to search all over. Many bugs not listed like SH Bleeding, no outfit designer bug etc etc

If we had an all inclusive known bug list then we can see the 100 or so bugs, then we might be able to collectively help BW prioritize what are unsubbing level bugs vs cosmetic or trivial. We collectively don't want the trivial easy bug fix persuit to make BW think they are on top of the important bugs and then they staff down to that. They can say oh we fixed 1 bug this week and did 1 player requests to EA but in fact 100 plus old bugs are still out there. There are numerous and long time bugs getting zero attention, not even accepting it's a bug. So many of us are reinstalling drivers, checking ini files and searching forums because it impacts game play and crashes or prevents missions or group missions-- we are not getting the value out of the subscription.