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07.16.2017 , 06:54 PM | #24
"Maybe this could even allow you to re-implement Lightsaber stances the way the original devs envisioned them (since there are no stances anymore, you could re-implement them as cosmetic stances) where the animations would change depending on the stance used."

Thought of this myself for some time...
It's like having my dark sided Jedi Guardian assume the stance of a Sith Warrior when he has his saber drawn.
And, just like a Juggernaut could perhaps even be performing the combat animations.

I think it could be possible, and would be a nice way to enable some sort of 'class change' for a character. Not by actually enabling a player to switch between base classes, let alone advanced classes, which I still think should be made possible. But it would at least be another QoL aspect for many of us?
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