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Working as intended.

If longterm players were forced to kill everything alot would stop doing it. Adding high end gear isnt needed as it degrades the other zones that these items come from. Even at a 6% chance of a high end piece drop I still bypass it. People still have to roll against others and you know all would need on a 200k item that sells fast.

As many said if you want to kill all than make a group and go at it. Its a no win situation for both player base. Skip to end and the new player miss's loot. Kill everything and its to time consuming, death which equal repair bills as we know some of those mini boss's are tuffer than the end boss for some.

Some of those players should be happy as most of the players will greed or out right pass on the end loot giving those1-2 players in the group a better chance at it on need.

I ask up front speed run or full run. I will say sometimes when full kill run is said I see allot of people leave group. Sometimes I dont blame them.
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