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05.19.2020 , 04:47 AM | #11
Disney is taking a page from the MCU by creating an intertwining series of stories. Ahsoka's appearance will be a plot device for her spin off. Now the thing is that there is also a supposed Rebels continuation as well. Which one will be searching for Ezra? The five year time gap between Rebels and Mando covers RoTJ. I assume that would be the search for Ezra. Could also have a mention of Ahsoka hearing of or meeting Luke. Fan Favorite Sebastian Stan could play Luke for that time period. When we see Ahsoka, Sabine, Rex, and Hera(yes Hera too! :P) I think it'll be at the end of Mando s2. I think they will take Baby Yoda off Dinn D'Jarin's hands and into Ahsoka's series. Now with Boba Fett, like Ahsoka, he too will have a small part in s2. My money is it involves Bo Katan, Moff Gideon, and the Dark saber. I think there will a major character turn for him and perhaps become a "good guy". If they show in a flashback how he escapes the sarlac I'd be so freaking happy. In season 3 will he have a much bigger part. However, the cameos will be peppered as to not over shadow Dinn. This will set up a future Boba Fett movie or series.

I really like this approach.
This in my opinion is the future of Star Wars: High Quality cartoons, featurettes, series, and movies.
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