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First off the rotation is not up to date, it is quite out dated actually.
Also by you saying that only 4.0 guides are around, and that they are out dated you are saying that vulkk’s guide is outdated. The 4.0 dulfy guide is almost a copy and last of the 4.0 guide rotation wise that is.
There are some 5.0 guides out there on YouTube such as one from Aeyix who is one of the better sims out there (killed brontes as a hatred/decep sin. It was painful).
Rotation for Serenity is a weird thing, to be honest. I just looked on top 6 Hatred assassins on Parely - every single one of them has a different number of GCDs between DoTs. There are players with 1,2,4,5 GCDs. One even starts with Creeping Terror instead of Discharge. Yet they are all on top of the leaderboards, sure, there is crit RNG involved but it still means there are many ways of making it work.

So my point is, the only truly outdated rotation would be the one before 3.0, when there were less abilities. Plus, another thing you could conclude is that there is no real best of the best rotation. I do prefer Solana's version the most, probably. Just because Solana is constantly up there.
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