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At this point, I'm really just wondering if I shouldn't just ...unsub, uninstall the game, and move on with my life.
Ya know, like go play LOTRO or something.
I am running Windows XP 32 bit, 3GB ram, Nvidia 9400GT 1GB (with latest driver 310.90.
This game NEVER crashed before patch 1.4, and I cannot just simply run out and buy a better "gaming rig". It now crashes anytime the leak goes over 2.0 GB. It may happen at 2.3 or it may at 2.8.

So what do you think? Should I just move on from this game? (which really sucks for me cause I hate LotRO, or any other Dark Age Fantasy games, and am a SWTOR fan).
It dosent seem to me they will ever fix it.
From a customer service standpoint, in which this thread is, they OWE us for paying a fee and not getting our money's worth. The fact remains that this is an issue with THEIR software. However, it is our right to unsub at ANY time. I'm likely going to finish my current sub and leave. Afterwords, I'll likely create an issue with the BBB. It is made clear that their goal is not customer satisfaction, its money. Their F2P model is atrocious, which made me sub. But they're still releasing an expansion. Which in all likelihood will increase our crashes. The client is weak that the latest nVidia drivers make the game think that there's a problem. I'm using a 9800GT with 4GB memory on Win7 platform. Champions Online has a beautiful F2P model. The sub just makes it better. Rift is downright amazing! The animation alone is awesome! Then there's always GW2, Terra, DCUO, LoTR...Let's just say BioWare will be in trouble when we all go to another game. (DCUO has stepped up..ALOT. I LOVED IT!)