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I am trying to review SWTOR as objective as possible. I rerolled to Fatman recently so I could play SWTOR as itīs meant to be played. And my final impression is SWTOR is pretty solid as both, game and MMO.

First of all, Iīd like to notice we just didnīt have many SFI MMOs arround to compare.

These are positive features of SWTOR I compiled through my 300 hours gameplay.

1. SW lore is cool. This is it. Itīs very difficult to make SW lore unintresting, and this is not a case. Bioware nailed quite well the overall look and feel of Star Wars universe. Environments and backgrounds are fantastic, really of the best looking arround. After Witcher 2, SWTOR environemnts are the best ones.

2. Voiceovers really make the difference.

3. The dialog options are so good for a MMO. Really. Morality choices are of the best I played before. You can be very evil, neutral or good. Only a few games arround offer this kind of choice, and none of them are MMOs. You may say those choices didnīt matter but they mattered to me, and to many others. Those choices defined my character and myself. I choosed the dark path and I still have remorse for taking some heartsplitting decisions. For the first time, I hadnīt just level up my character but I defined him with my choices too. WoW doesnīt offer this.

4. SWTOR offer more chalenege. Heroics and Flashpoints are more difficult that the similar areas from WoW. You must group to complete them and this feature push people together. Itīs good thing.

5. SWTOR is the most grouping-friendly games I played. People are grouping in this game quite easily. I tried WoW sometime before, and got to level 30, but mostly I played solo. I tried to group with other people, but they plainly ingnored me. During my playthrough in WoW, I couldnīt group not even once, and I was in guild with 50 people.
In SWTOR is quite opposite. If you want to do Heroics, you must group with somebody. The groups usually are of 4. Itīs pretty easy to group. I just throw a message to General Chat "Anyone for that heroic" and "LF1 more for <heroic>", and people usually always repond. In WOW, I actually never saw something similar to Heroics.
On Fatman, you can actually find a body even for a single player missions.

6. SWTOR is a quite polished game. Seriously, in comparison to other MMO launches and many single player games SWTOR is shiny polished. I havenīt confronted any bug yet, only get stuck sometimes when jump from the cliffs which is quickly resolved with /stuck command. But I recognize that some bugs exist, I read in forums that some people have bugs. And some features present in WoW are misssing which will be solved with the upcomming patch.

7. Graphical presentation of SWTOR is stunning. As I already said environments are of the best. Some face animations and acting are even superior than in ME3. Right now, SWTOR is one the best looking MMOs arround. Well... if you have a powerful enough PC.
GW2 may eclipse SWTOR, but not so much. GW2 will not have voiceovers and cutscenes for every in-game quest.

8. SWTOR community is great and friendly. Go on Fatman you will see. The main public of SWTOR is the people who seek for pieceful cooperative experience. There is a guild boom right now, every one tries to create one. SWTOR is a perfect game for people who mostly played single player games and are affraid of MMO. There is no elitist jerks arround, at least by now.

9. With the upcomming path, weīll get more PvsP content.

Well. Letīs analize now about the main complaints about SWTOR:

1. No end content for 50s.

Well... the solution here is just...waiting untill a new big expansion is released. Many 50s will unsubscribe for sure, but new players will come eventually too. SWTOR is one of the most friendly communities arroud, and very perfect for the people who want to try theirselves in a new genre. I was one of them.

Certainly 1.7 million population will drop to, letīs say, 1 million eventually. But still 1 million is good number for a starter MMO. Actually this reflects the real worth of SWTOR, not the hyped one. And itīs more than enough to keep the game alive and Bioware happy. And this number, 1 million, will be steady with all ebbs and flows of subscriptions untill a new new big full expansion comes out. After that, the community may be expanded to a few more servers and again stay static.

I am not planning to play SWTOR for years either. Eventually I will stop, but my place will be taken by someone else. Itīs a natural thing. When a new real expansion comes one I will certainly resub.

2. World is not actually open.

Well. Itīs not like WoW for sure. But areas are very big and extensive and every planet takes me some 20-30 hours to complete. The only difference is there is no gate to pass to another realm, But this is SW, you take a ship and travel to another planet. If you actually want SWTOR world be like WoW then the whole action must take place on one planet which is not ver appealing and plausible and characteristic for SW universe.

3. I will not discuss the problem with pop to avoid the closing of my thread. Just rerolled. Try a new alt. Or just wait for a migration tool. No other solution is available.
Rerolling is a natural reaction of SWTOR community for the self preservation. The most of SWTOR community in US is concentrated now on Fatman.

Please donīt discuss this topic in my thread to avoid the merge with other threads.

Ok...Now lets check briefly the main competitors of SWTOR.

I will put them in groups-

1. WoW. Terra. GW2

Here comes the biggest flaw of this trio. They are not ScFI. This is it. SWTOR already reserved for itself a big chunk of players. I know a lot of people who scpecifically need light sabers, blasters and and tech stuff, they will not come back to sword, shield and magic again.


The people who still playing it will keep playing it. No big loss. The people who stopped playing it will not come back because of Pandas. WoW population will drop eventually to some 7-8 milllions. But WoW will keep the biggest population arround.

It will not affect SWTOR population at all. If you like Star Wars, you will like Star Wars. No pandas will change that. Besides new WoW expansion is all about the same. The same everything. Totally not ground breaking or innovative.


Its like WoW but with Pokemons. Yes, and a better combat. The rest is the same: NPCs with excalamation sings floating overhead, text boxes for the missions, no voiceovers.

If you like Korean MMOs with pokemons go and try it, but people who are into Star Wars and ScFi will not follow you.


Well itīs the strongest competitor. But is it really so ground breaking ? I watch so many video and read so many previews about it.

The main atraction is World vs World vs World. Yep. Cool stuff.
The graphical presntation is awesome.
The combat is new and fresh.

Its flaws.

It keeps being like WoW. Yes...more mature...better combat...choices affect the world but...NPCs have excalamation sings floating overhead, text boxes for the missions, no voiceovers, killing stuff by hundreds.

And itīs not SCFI.

Equally, this one is the best looking among all competitor and I will certainly try it.

2. Secret World.

A very shady horse. It may be a great success or another Age of Connan.

Its flaws.

It has standard WoW-like mechanics. No groundbeaking there.
Graphically it didnīt impress me.
Secret World lore must compete against STAR WARS. Every new lore has a huge risk to suck. This is a fact. Check the Kindoms of Amalur.

Well. This is it. This thread is subjected to further updates.

Update 1:

I am not saying that SWTOR is the best MMO ever. I am not bashing GW2, Tera, and Secret World.

But I just point to your attention that none of the upcomming MMOs will be ground breaking. They will not be enourmously superior to SWTOR, but only in some aspects, and in other aspects SWTOR will be better. This is it.

At the end, what MMO to play will depend on your fancies, there will not be a clear winner.

If you like swords and magic, you will certainly move to WoW, Terra or GW2. SWTOR just doesnīt have all allures to keep everyone.

But SWTOR holds monopoly on ScFi and SW, so a good chunk of players will stay with SWTOR .