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I have a 70 Sentinel and a 60 Marauder and to be honest, I just don't get this class. I kill much faster and effectively with my Guardian or Juggy in PVE, but when I try my Sentinel or Mara I never get through my rotation to make really big hits. I feel like I'm trying to time my attacks more than just killing mobs with abandon.

Plus I feel so squishy, constantly having to pause after a fight to heal up. How are you guys playing this in PVE? I've looked for YouTube videos but they are all from several updates ago. I'm not looking forward to the last ten levels on my Marauder.

Marauder is significantly sturdier than a dps jug actually, assuming you use your dcds. That said, if thrash pulls are what you are struggling with, obviously you cannot use your dcds every 20 seconds.

Always make sure to kill the thrash asap and solo pve dont have a rotation per say. You choose what ability to use based on circumstances. Its not a big boss fight where you sustain dps.

But I never use my companions in healer or tank mode, and I typically have to heal up every 3 pulls or so.
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