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Dinner, didn't mean to type lunch earlier It was great, really nice food, the Desert literally ripped through my diet >.> Damn Pavlova...
Oh, that sounds... delightful.

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Can't really bribe someone who'd have the Information, It'd only be the highest of the Sith Assassins (Marauders and such) and even then, if they were to be captured somehow, they would never give in to torture, and Kreia could likely wipe their mind, or at least give them false flight-paths...
Point. However, truth serums are selling great on the black market lately. Or I could ship them to Ylesia....

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Not really, Vader wouldn't personally pilot it, and even if he did it would be an Incredibly rough landing. As for malachor itself, the Sith Assassins feed off the Enemy's force strength, so your forces that do get boosted by the Nexus, would just double boost the Assassins... I don't see Malachor V being the decider here...
I don't see why Vader wouldn't pilot it. He piloted his own fighter in the mist of war, he wouldn't change now. Also, Vader would be the only Force sensitive on Malachor. My troops wouldn't be affected by your assassins, as they aren't force sensitive. However, they are extremely powerful, and have been able to resist other nexus's before. If Vader does get on Malachor, your assassins will do nothing to him.

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It takes time, yes, but that's the point.
Open circle fleet guards, Malgus stealth fleet attacks, over time The Open Circle fleet get stealthed and new ships are built to take their place as Defense forces (Some would remain, just unseen)....

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That, and the Supplier already gives a garrison already...]
Do they? I forget....
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