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Anyone else find it funny that when you browse through forums you see these kids talking about "My guild is #1 in server already" or "Glad i have high lvl friends in my guild to smash the nubs that didn't get in day 1."?

Im a huge PvP person but like still, i don't think its quite necessary for those comments. They are just trolls which speaking of, i have been warned several times on forums for trolling when i wasn't. So moderators should learn how to moderate 1st off and 2nd, don't assume, you make a bad name for yourself when your wrong. But nonetheless, anyone just find it funny? I do, i think people should just take it easy and listen to some eazy-e if they can't. Sooth that tension and stress of the "im the best cuz im in day 1" attitude.

All the best
Sounds like you envy them.
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