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06.06.2020 , 09:19 PM | #1
Hello there!

I'm a fresh off the character creation press player and am in need of a better guild. The one I'm in atm only ever has maybe 10 ppl actively online at any given time and it's just so boring when the guild chat isn't popping lol

Anyways, with the bonus xp and doing rando vet fp's I'm currently a lvl 39 Jedi Shadow working under the Serenity discipline for the time being and am planning to go tank at end game. I'd love to find an active, friendly guild with an active discord. I am a casual player for the time being and mainly stick to PvE side of things, but when last I did any PvP aspects of swtor, I loved it but that was a few years back so idk how it is nowadays lmao

P.S. Would love to be in a guild with a bada** guild name and nothing silly lol (no offense)

Drop a comment below or shoot me a message