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Servo Jammer could actually be incredibly useful if it weren't so limited in range.
I cautiously agree. I'll also say it's annoying to get this copilot on Republic, as the passives attached to it are rather poor (Risha has the two 10% boosts, and Oro has evasion and shield recharge, Oro being the better choice by far but that's still rather limiting, and Risha is just a terrible crew member, as is Andronikus).

The thing is that the intended use- nail someone at close range and then win a dogfight- seems to happen rather infrequently, and with greater range it would be a lot better as you could use it for more than just that.

Lockdown might be worth a try (again) next patch but has the same extremely limited range that most other copilot abilities suffer from.
I think all the copilot abilities should be 20k, and 10k would be a bare minimum. 5k is pretty much melee range, and only a few of them are actually powerful enough to warrant that.

I think lockdown will be admirable next patch for sure. Doctor Lokin and C2N2 are the go-to guys here, but OMG C2N2 is annoyface. It'll still be pretty niche- you'll use the ability to land a missile and that's about it, and only under certain circumstances.