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Interesting. I have the opposite problem, which is why I thought of Servo Jammer.
Servo Jammer could actually be incredibly useful if it weren't so limited in range. I could see it working very well on a Pike/Quell so that the tougher missile locks just become that much easier to land. I've tried Wingman and love it when I'm on a gunship, it's actually pretty nice when firing on scouts in head-to-heads on strike fighters as well. Lockdown might be worth a try (again) next patch but has the same extremely limited range that most other copilot abilities suffer from.

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Personally I find it harder to (manually) hit targets with a large angular velocity (i.e. flying fast, in a straight line, laterally) than those with frequent course changes, so I don't think it'd be very helpful even at 15km.
Totally agree here (in the context of gunship railgun). It's far more difficult to compensate for lag and tracking when someone is doing this.
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