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Considering I only just yesterday finally got rid of my last Recruit piece and have more than my fair share of wins under my belt, assuming that 50% of the people in a WZ have to lose. I don't think I need your advice that I should form/join a group. When I do join a group for PVP it's for Ranked WZs only. I don't feel that Pre-mades have any place in our unranked WZs. So I guess I have more of a pair than you do, because I quite often get into WZs against Pre-mades, and I don't leave just because I am losing, I leave because the WZ has ended. I don't state things that I don't follow.

Your idea that you shouldn't be punished for punishing other people for being randomly grouped with someone who decides to leave is ridiculous. You choose to accept a Queue as soon as it pops and then leave b/c one or more of your group members didn't make it into the WZ, sorry but you should accept the consequences, or not accept the queue pop. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that if you get a debuff for leaving a WZ that you wouldn't get it if you didn't go into the WZ.
So, because you have no ability/desire to join a group, you want to prevent ME from doing so as well? And how have those many ranked matches you've played turned out? Since you only do Ranked when you're grouped, I assume you've done your Recruit gear?

What server are you on and what are your toon names? I'd like to verify that you a) group and b) only do ranked in that group.

Let's look at this another way ok? I get my queue pop, I enter, but my buddy is loading into Ilum at the time and misses the *pop*. Since, unlike you, I enjoy playing with others who aren't forced upon me by the server, I want to make sure my friend and I can do our next WZ together asap. Right now, I'd leave, leaving plenty of time for a replacement to take my spot prior to the match starting.

But would rather have me leave and get a 30min debuff...or get the match over as fast as possible? My choice would be easy...I'd stand on the ledge in Huttball, pull the ball carrier closer to the goal, faux guard a node, not call incoming, sit in a corner and go fold my laundry, flip on Duck Dynasty and turn back just enough times to "engage" in combat. That's STUPID!!!

I hate quitters too, but I understand that I can win with replacements vs players who don't want to be there and I realize that sometimes, RL interferes with gaming. Sucks...but that's life. I don't ever queue with an intention to leave...I doubt anyone does. Punishing players is NOT the answer.
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