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The Terms of Service are the limit of what Bioware should get involved in. A computer server cannot tell if some said, "Goodbye, I can't stand to lose, but I only decided this 30 seconds before the end of the match, and I don't care about the poor backfiller who will join and not get a single medal," or "My wife is shouting! Bye!" Computers cannot tell if people are being jerks; that is for other people to attempt to determine. Hence why you should just make a pre-made and discuss in advance what your reliability expectations are.

And I doubt Bioware has ever sued a customer or otherwise punished them "outside the game". What happens in SWTOR stays in SWTOR, for the most part. Perhaps at most you might get a silence from speaking in chat channels or a ban. But they're not going to come after you and sue you, or at least I doubt it. If someone else wanted to sue you, Bioware might give them your information, but only in response to a legal subpoena; but generally people just ignore list you rather than resorting to that sort of thing.
Well according you your argument BioWare has no business banning people for exploiting unintended actions that don't violate the TOS. Guess what, they did just that, when they banned people for opening chests on Ilum near launch on lowbies. There was nothing in the TOS that states you can't take a lowbie onto Ilum and camp a chest spawn, but they still banned people for doing it. Also they didn't ban people but they fixed the unintended feature of faster leveling on Ilum by removing the bolster from the Western Ice Shelf, they stated it wasn't against the TOS, it wasn't an exploit but they still inserted themselves in the situation, which by your logic they shouldn't. TOS isn't the extent of their control, nor their responsibility. It is simply the extent to which they have the rights to end your access to the game servers, for what ever period of time. As I stated before a debuff which prevents you from queueing for a WZ is not preventing you from playing the game nor is it preventing you from quitting, it is simply giving you a consequence for quitting a WZ. No computer, nor any person should be deciding one way or another the merits of your reasons for leaving a WZ. If you leave for any reason before it ends you should get a debuff, it's fair and it's simple.

As for your second paragraph see my above mentioning of banning. While the TOS does allow for BioWare to sue people, it would only be used in the most extreme of situations, not in a situation where a ban would be appropriate.
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