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The big difference isnít just the weapons damage. Mainhand weapons donít Bolster. So you can essentially run all 230 gear and a 252-258 main hand and have max Bolster. Which works out better in some cases than having all 248 gear.

Thatís why itís important to get the highest main hand you can get.
Categorically incorrect, as per your usual.

My stat changes on my mara with a 258 mainhand vs Empty Cartel Shell mainhand

Mastery 8676 vs 8573 = -103
Endurance 9511 vs 9488 = -23
Accuracy 107.52 vs 108.39 = + .87

Clearly the mainhand bolsters, because my 258 mainhand has 644 mastery to it, meaning the empty mainhand shell bolsters to 541 mastery from zero. Anyone can test this by walking into a warzone and seeing that while their mainhand weapon damage takes a massive hit (like I mentioned above) but their other stats aren't downgraded by much at all, and may even see an increase depending on class/spec.

Please keep spreading that bit of misinformation though, everyone who buys a mainhand from the GTN is good news to me and my fellow competitor crafters.

Speaking of misinformation and the GTN, are you planning on compensating all the people who took your advice to buy Charged Matter? The price still hasn't recovered, so if someone believed you, they lost 1 million credits for every 2 Charged Matter they bought at 1.5 million, which is what you told them to buy it for. The "good" news is that the other mats, specifically the NiM raider obtainable ones, increased in price. So the price for 258 mainhand/offhand stays more or less the same, the NiM raiders make even more money, and the casual players have even less money to buy stuff since the Charged Matter they get from random crates is now worth half as much.

Please do let me know your thoughts on all that, I'm curious.