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The raze passive works when you hit a target with a melee ability that already affected by discharge this ends the cd of eradicate. You can use eradicate at the start but it costs 30 force rather then the zero force cost you get when eradicate procs. Without this proc your eradicate is on a 22 sec cd rather then a 9 sec CD. The assassinate proc comes from bloodletting, the proc lights up and you have 15 seonds to use before the proc wears off. At no point do you need to use this ability straight away. Reapplying discharge, and creeping terror as well as death field and leeching strike are of higher priority when bloodletting procs above 30% because the next bloodletting proc CD is happening even if you delay the ability (if you wait 9 secs before you use assassinate it will re proc again in 6 secs not 15 secs assuming you have dots ticking). Sub 30 % assassinate comes off CD every 5 secs or so depending on alacrity so bloodletting really doesn't add a great deal anyway during this phase and of course discharge, creeping terror, eradicate and death field all do 30 % more damage during execution phase. In short assassinate is prioritized above 30% when it procs over thrash and saber strike and below 30% death field, discharge, creeping all have a higher priority, eradicate can be delayed because assassinate cd is shorter then the raze internal cd and it can be used ahead of leeching strike because of it shorter cd and higher damage.