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When you play some of the other classes you really feel like they put some thought into them.

Like when you play a Merc and you have an ability that 'resets the cooldown' of a skill. It doesn't trigger until AFTER you use the skill allowing you to use the skill, trigger it, then use the skill again like unload.

But for some weird reason the hatred spec of Assassin doesn't do this. I can't figure out why they wouldn't have this in.

My Eradicate cooldown gets cooldown reset when i hit someone with a direct attack while they are ticking dots. OK GREAT! But why is that going off BEFORE I even use the skill? I should get to use the skill, THEN trigger it, allowing me to use it again.

This also happens to Assassinate. If you are ticking dots away and the ability hasn't triggered, and the target is under 30% life you can use the skill then get the trigger immediately after that and use the ability again. However if the trigger goes off BEFORE you use the skill, you only get to use it once!


I feel almost as if the game is telling me how to play my character. You HAVE to use Eradicate before you use any direct damage attacks. And you HAVE to use Assassinate as soon as it comes up or else you lose it!

I'd also like to say that Spike, as cool as the ability is, only being usable from stealth feels rather lame. I feel like there's a bit of a hole in the rotation where u spam Thrash a few times while waiting for cooldown resets and Spike could instead be a part of that rotation. Alacrity doesn't help at all with an ability that only triggers every 9 seconds. It's 9 seconds no matter what.

I think Spike should be redone to: Usable without stealth, only stuns the target if used from stealth.

As a side note I also feel like Renewing darkness is a very weird skill. Most of the other classes get some great self sustainability skills. More importantly they can keep fighting while they are being used. Shields that restore 40% life after they end, shields that reflect damage AND heal, shields that heal you as you get hit, instantly gaining 30% life etc... etc.. etc..

So why do I have to stay stealthed for 5 seconds, doing NOTHING during that time, in order to wait to get healed? It feels very clunky and I honestly don't even see how this would help while tanking cause if ur stealthed for 5 seconds someone on your team may probably die while ur trying to regen some hp lol. Jugg can just sit there and take a beating while healing himself.