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03.26.2020 , 04:03 AM | #7
Who are you kidding? The only reason people are crying so hard like always is because they cannot farm something that wasen't intended in the first place so they fixed it. Just like CXP farm before. Nothing new so people need to stop being so whiny.

In operations the challenging part is the bosses not the actual trash.
Where it does actually matter quite a lot is how you handle trash is in Gods Nim/MM, where learning how to handle the trash(that can literally one shot you if u do it incorrect) is vital for timed runs as an example.
So they do have a purpose in the harder content.

The trash in KP wasn't even positioned to be needed to kill to reach the boss anyway but was only there for "visual" effects but people took advantage of that and ruined it instead.
So lets be real here no one would actually give a **** or put any effort being massively loud on the forums if they removed trash if they had no real impact for an operation or provide heavy benefits(like Conq/Renown), now when they did so you cant abuse it anymore & people just cry about it.
It was 4-5 mobs right at the start that was removed (that you could technically bypass completely anyway) the rest is still there that actually blocks you from reaching the boss so you need to kill them like it is supposed to be.

At least now you actually have to beat one encounter in any operation before you do your "farm".
Removing Conq/Renown from trash would indeed remove the farm completely.