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Between this, add skipping to an excessive degree where more effort is spent on playing Metal Gear Solid: Star Wars edition than actually killing the adds
This is simply because so many people feel trash is tedious and provide no real challenge (at least compared to the bosses the trash is sandwiched between). Either make trash more rewarding (outside of CQ points of course, but maybe have them drop decos or mats) or just have the next FP/op be completely trash-free, and still have some measure of reward, on an experimental basis. I already talked in another thread as to what kind of story premises could even allow a trash-free FP/op to make any sense at all.

That said, the outcomes of such an experiment would likely result either 1) calling for the removal of trash in existing content, and maybe even complete removal of trash (but that would be a bit extreme), 2) future content being completely trash-free going forward even though the trash in existing content was unaffected or 3) the trash-free content would be poorly-received enough for future content to go back to having trash, no matter how unengaging.

Keep deleting groups of mobs until all operations become empty boss gauntlets?
Maybe empty boss gauntlets would be better-appreciated than what we have now for what we know, and having faster full-clears would incentivize full-clears. Especially because trash is unengaging at least relative to bosses, and more often than not, tedious. In my experience, bosses are far more challenging and engaging than trash in nearly every group content (Kaon being the outlier) and trash can be removed entirely without any real loss in challenge/difficulty in nearly all current content.

However, the most problematic trash in operations often lie before the first boss.