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03.16.2018 , 03:43 AM | #9
I don't like it. Travel to x, grab y. Just another generic fetch and retrieve quest, no thanks. And how are you supposed to fight the emperor? He has no body! By killing one of our companions? Imagine the outrage, especially if even the lowest ranking companion still has a high influence level. The point of Valkorion was to give the PC someone to shoot at / stab and than push him into the PCs head where he / she could ultimately destroy him once and for all.
The emperor was unable to control the PC on Ziost, so even letting him get into the PCs mind instead of possessing a companion wouldn't have worked IMO, not even in a light side "take me instead of my companion" way, since dark siders would be screwed. So no. No, no, no.

Bringing back the emperor during SoR in the first place was a mistake and so unnecessary. I don't understand why BW did this in the first place. Emo Revan wanted to bring him back, he failed, story finished. Done. No more emperor related stuff needed.
They could have still brought in Valkorion as a secret apprentice of the Sith emperor and done most of the KOTFE / KOTET story, just without the confusion. I enjoy the moments and debates with Valkorion in the PCs head, he is charming, menacing and the voice acting is just awesome. He has most of the traits a good villain should have.

What SWTOR is missing right now is a good villain. Theron Shan...meh....booooring.