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This is going to be long so turn back now if you don't want to bother reading it

First and foremost I do not hate KOTFE etc I just feel the departure for previous story makes its reply value limited.

So after Ziost instead of the call to meet Marr we would instead be called to a meeting by the leaders of our faction (Jedi/senate for republic) (Dark Council/Sith Intelligence for Imperial) At the meeting you would be informed that the threat of the Emperor must be countered at all costs, to accomplish that goal you are to lead a coalition task force to hunt down the Emperor but also to destroy all of his secret storehouses.

To accomplish this goal you are given a capitol ship and an appropriate liaison from the opposite side; jedi receive a Imperial officer, Smuggler/Troopers receive Lana, Sith receive Theron Shan and Agents/BH's receive a Jedi knight. The first mission would be to search Ziost for clues as to why the Emperor chose that planet. After a search you would find a now ruined storehouse, here you would find a partial map to other storehouses. These could be on planets we had already visited or on new planets entirely or a combination.

At the second store house you would find another partial map to 2/3 or 4 more stores, this would send you off to further explore various parts of the galaxy. At some store houses you would encounter zealots working for the emperor while others you would face the spirit of the emperor himself. If the devs wanted they could have released each storehouse like they did the chapters.

After finding all the storehouses you would be led to Nathama to face the Emperor for a final time, if you were not a Jedi Knight you would meet Scurge on the planet and he would join you in the final battle. The battle would be similar to the fight with Revan except it would be your companions you face him with. Your lowest influenced companion would become possessed by the emperor and you would be forced to kill them in order to destroy him.

For side missions throughout the hunt for the emperor you would be able to recruit specialists for the task force each time you would have a choice from three other class companions; for example you as a consular you could have a choice to recruit Kira, Ashara or Jaesa as a force sensitive companion, if you are a Inquisitor the choice would become Kira, Nadia or Jaesa.

Once the Emperor was defeated if the wanted to keep going as they have with us as a separate faction then at the end we could be disavowed as a traitor, this would mean that you would go on the run with your companions. You could place NPC's in bases that would attack you if you came to close to them making it dangerous to return to low level planets .

Just how I wished it could have gone but I just have to use this as my head cannon for all those through KOTFE
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