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They have acknowledged in the past people's desire for more options, but indicated that Twi'leks are really hard to make any additions to (presumably they are a colossal mess of spaghetti code)

I for one would be delighted for more options, even if only simpler ones like dark side eye colours, new skin colours etc.
I might be willing to buy that, if not for the fact nobody else has actually gotten any new options either. I mean really, what have they added since launch? A handful of hairstyles that work for 'regular' humanoid heads, a couple of eye colors, and...?

No new Miraluka masks, no new hair/horn/tattoo options for Zabraks, no new Cybernetics, etc. etc.

This is like bread and butter cash shop stuff, but 8 years later Bioware still has no idea how to MMO.