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As the title says, something I have been wondering about today, is how one could make a Chiss work for the Sith Inquisitor storyline. I'm really interested into what people here - especially those that abide strictly by the lore - would think up as to a logical backstory for a Chiss Sith Inquisitor. As there are a few points that would have to be taken into account:

1. The Chiss Ascendancy considers Force Sensitivity a sickness and abomination. This would mean, that the Chiss who would become the Sith Inquisitor, either had to be exiled from the Ascendancy themselves or be the son/daughter of someone who was exiled.
2. The Sith Inquisitor was a slave before being sent to Korriban, which means that if they were a Chiss, they somehow had to be enslaved by the Empire. Either this could have happened because they committed some crime against the Empire or slavery was passed down upon them through their father/mother, who were convinced to slavery for some reason.
3. Kallig is the Sith Inquisitor's ancestors, which means that they would have to be Chiss too. This could work, if he too had been exiled by the Ascendancy for his Force Sensitivity, roamed the galaxy and learned of the Sith himself, joining them and making a name for himself as Aloysus Kallig.

So what do people think would be a good explanation/backstory for a Chiss Sith Inquisitor? Or do you simply think that a Chiss would completely fail to fit in with that class story?
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