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Honestly, no worse than the 250k for rating 156 augments in 1.2 (when augmentation slot kits became available). But I completely agree that right now they ain't worth it. Give it time, as materials for become more abundant prices will fall, but I would not expect the price of the augments to fall much below 1 million when all is said and done for the simple fact that the materials required are "exotic".
Exactly. - And further to that, most crafters have a lot of money already- and if the ops groups I join on a daily basis are anything to go by, not many people have the top-rated gear, let alone the augments to go with them.

Craft other stuff for the money, open a lot of command crates for the MTs and always craft with a level 50 companion,

- But also keep an eye on the GTN, since prices can fluctuate by +/- 1/2 million or so in a few hours.
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