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why are you guys selling mats for more credits than the finished superior augment 46's are selling for on the GTN? LOLz - the augments are selling for around $4M each, and the two Charged Matter Transubstantiators alone are going for $4M ($2M apiece) on top of what it costs to craft the yellow assembly components, and what the other mats like encrypted memory cores ($400K each) sell for.

it'll cost me $85M credits or so to craft a full 14-augment set for myself that would only have a value of around $55M. they've been around for a month or so now, so there's been plenty of time for the GTN to correct from early overpricing and folks not knowing how to properly value things. imagine if the real world worked this way, and it cost FORD $50,000 dollars worth of steel and rubber and plastic to make a car they could only sell for $28,000??
I could care less about relative pricing here. The costs per Aug are far beyond reasonable, so I'm gonna completely skip them. If anyone should consider me not viable for certain challenges, so be it. 4,5 Million per Aug, insane, utterly insane...
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