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I think the difference between Mako and Kaliyo is that Mako can suit some BHs, professional ones who don't kill for pleasure but necessity (which the Bounty Hunter Code says you should), whereas Kaliyo doesn't really work with the Imperial Agent because the Imp. Agent is supposed to be a professional regardless of your alignment and Kaliyo is just an obstructive, chaotic element. Kaliyo would probably suit a Bounty Hunter a lot more, but I wouldn't replace Mako.

I'd gladly replace Torian with Kaliyo though. At least Kaliyo has a sense of humor and says something interesting once in a while...
There is 2 basic way to build a BH IMO. You can be a mandalorian (more LS) or a thug/assassin (DS).
Torian/mako are the mandalorian companion. While skadge/gault are the thug companions. Blizz, is too cute to take a side and everyone loves him.
For the IA, Lokin/Temple are for the patriot AI, while Kalyio/SCORPIO are for the "opportunist" agent . Vector is for the pure LS idealist agent.
As a rogue agent you are not professional at all. You can completely screw the empire for your own profit. Being an agent is a way to have access to a lot of stuff/money and nobody mess with you except the Siths. The same way Tano Vik is in the military, to have a lot of stuff to blow, and be paid for that.

They makes sense in the crew they are in. Remove Torian for Kalyio, and I will be pissed of as a BH. And Torian have absolutely no room in the Agent crew. He have his rules, and the agent have others rules. He seek worthy prey for a great fight, while the agent is all about deception and cunning (there is nothing worthy in it).
For my LS agent, Kalyio is quite crazy, but I'm attached to her, in the end. She have crazy way to show she likes me, but you can count on her in the end. While for example SCORPIO want to kill you, from the beginning to the end.

I think I would swap Gault for Akaavi and vice versa, but it would make 2 mandalorians for the BH. Still, it would make more sense for both crew.