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That's a great game well done!

Scouts have to be near line of sight now to be effective because of how fragile they are to missiles since their evasion defences don't work against them. Because of this they kind of lack a job in Deathmatch and just aren't at the top of the meta anymore, they're not like completely useless or anything they just are trying to do the same job Strikes are they're just worse at it.

Where Scouts do shine right now is in Domination, their extra turning and evasion really shines while doing on satellite play.

So when you're playing Deathmatch and out in the open it's not the Strikes that are "hard countering" you it's the missiles they wield. While in Domination a good Scout can really mess up Strikes by constantly dealing damage to them with the Strike not being able to ever fire man shots at the Scout. It's important to never try to joust a Strike if you're shooting them and they're shooting you, you almost always lose unless you get a really big string of evasion misses. You want to boost pass them and then out turn them to get behind them and just stay there.

If you're planing to "main" the flashfire you're just always going to struggle in Deathmatch the ship just isn't a top contender in that game mode. This doesn't mean you won't get games like the screenshot you posted, it just means when you play against players of equal skill or higher you'll always be at a disadvantage there.
Okay, cool. I've been slowly progressing a Quarrel and Warcarrier on the side, so if things start going badly in Deathmatch, maybe I'll swap to Bomber and run a nest for my team instead. Or snipe. I've got to learn how to play Gunship eventually.

I run Novadive too, it uses Lights and Pods with EMP Field, so that might be an option in Deathmatch as well.