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You really don't want to take extra firing arc on pods themselves definitely pick the ammo there, you shouldn't even be firing anywhere near the side of the arcs with pods only on centered shots. So that will give you 40 pods as a starting point.

While the choice between firing arc or extra ammo on the crew passive is an interesting one, if you aren't an absolutely dedicated dog fighting ship you should probably grab the extra ammo to bring you up to 52 pods over the arc.

It sounds like you might be valueing firing arc a little bit too high in your builds. I'm not sure if you know how tracking penalties work on weapons, but basically the further from center you are in your firing arc you get a penalty to your accuracy. Most lasers penalties aren't too bad, but some are high, like Quads and Heavies have high penalties. However Rocket pods and Railguns have really really high penalties, they lose a whopping 5% accuracy every single degree off center you are when you fire them.
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