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Levity so the old pvp power relics before 2.0 ones are official dead and gone? i mean for serious PVE dps.
Yes. The on proc power relic has 18 base power and you can augment towards power so add 32 power and you even out from either DPS relic. That will be 50 power altogether on the PVP relic, so you are losing 63 power from switching out the old PVP relic. BUT every 20 seconds you gain 410 power for 6 seconds and it procs a lot.

Now, the Ultimate vendor relic is completely ******. It gives you 23 power from equipping which you can augment towards power to get that 32 additional power + 550 power on proc. It's just too nice to pass up.

Especially if you are balance. You have a ton of DOTs which are dmging abilities, so every tic has 30% chance to apply the power buff. That's why I'm guessing it was proccing for me every 20 seconds.