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Well, every forum post lately has had the same theme: they keep getting the same person over and over and he can never help further. It sounds like there's just the one dude manning the help desk. In previous years, I've never gotten the same person on follow up tickets. I've never been told no one else can help. But in the last couple months it's been a running theme and BW has been silent about it.
I found it slightly amusing that the representative who responded to my in-game ticket was the same individual I got on the phone, and aside from him, there was only one other individual I spoke with over the course of two days. BioWare is likely silent about it because they no longer handle Customer Service from what I've surmised, it seems that they've delegated that duty to EA.

In regards to the final statement,
"Originally Posted by aerockyul View Post
Id find it hard to believe this sort of thing goes on in the preferential treatment forum."

I had to use a friend's 7-day subscription pass to even open a ticket in game since that's reserved for subscribers only - the situation is the same with forum posts. Hopefully this can be addressed or resolved within a week so that I don't have to find another time code or spend even more money. That being said, if this is resolved, I fully plan to subscribe for the duration of my playtime, but it is a bit ridiculous that I need to be a continuous paying customer to even reach out to a developer on these forums.

But, whatever it takes to get my account back, I'm willing to do it.