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I don't know if its a problem with matchmaking, just the steep learning curve that's intrinsic to GSF. One must have patience and a good sense of humor to get out the newbie zone.
It is not just the steep learning curve, it's the flawed match making as well. Going up against a pre-made group is not fun. Especially when it's a pre-made group 8 people. I fly my fair share of matches and going against a pre-made that manages to spawn camp all three spawn points is not fun. I sure would like the turrets back so one can safely spawn without being shot down almost immediately.
I also would like better match making. The game doesn't break up groups and sets them against a group of people the queue as solo flyers. It is done to make the match pop, regards of the match then being totally lob sided and thus not a fun game. I vote to break the group then and divide them over the teams, not to pit a group against people who solo queue. That or make the group wait for another group to queue for battle.
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