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01.17.2019 , 11:59 PM | #4
just so you know, I created this post for all, not me. But what triggered it, was the amount of players on my team (losing) swearing aim bot, I didn't think it was, and the kill count reflected that, it was just one pilot that did well over everyone else.
my first thought was MM screwed up, second thought, they were the only one in Queue with skill, while the rest were basically new.
that match felt worse then it really was.
the post was maybe if you find you're dominating and see there is something that the newer pilot keeps doing wrong, take a moment to suggest a correction, or just suggest get on the gsf chat.

every once in a while I see someone posting it, but I haven't joined myself.

the other day I was in some bad matches, due to MM not working, Drakolich and friends ruined my losing streak. it's what happens when trying to learn Bombers in an unskilled bomber in solo queue, it was the longest streak I've ever had, win or lose
I have been is some awesome matches, where it seemed everyone was equal in skill, and balanced. where not one person was carrying

as I understand it, there is no ranking system visible to the public, so does it really matter to kill everything, just damage them and let a newb get the kill, let the newb gain confidence and more XP so they can upgrade faster, and increase interested in playing GSF. no reason to humiliate them , because one can