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There have always been mismatches, but I still find a lot of competitive matches. I went through the 22 matches whose scoresheet I saved during Jan. 1 - 16. I found 3 TDM with the loser having 40 or more kills, 2 TDM with loser with 30 -39 kills. There was 1 domination match with loser over 900 and 6 with loser from 700 to 899 points. That leaves 10 that were not as competitive, and even in those the losers often had over 400 in domination, or 20 in tdm. There were other close matches where I did not save the scoreboard, probably because I was not satisfied with my play in that match. I should probably make it a point to save the score of any match with the loser more then 40 in tdm or 900 in dom.

The matchmaker has an impossible task, though I am sure it could be improved. Maybe it should take winning percentage into account more. One problem is if a strong team of 4 pilots queues, it is often difficult for the matchmaker to find enough strong pilots for the other side.

I would be happy to help any of then newer pilots with tips, or by grouping with them. I think most of the other veteran pilots would do the same. Speak up in GSF chat.
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