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01.16.2019 , 10:14 PM | #1
been in too many mismatch matches.
no one is going to come back to GSF, if they're getting one shot all the time.

don't know why good pilots need to drive potential new GSF participants away, that just starting in GSF
Obvious Match maker is not working, unless it's intent is to always stack good against new

I'm not good and had to struggle to get that first ship mastered, and there was a large improvement when I reached there, but some players may not have the same patients and willing to suffer through as those like me have.
it is no fun and very discouraging, when one or 2 pilots (on same team, solo queue) totally dominate everything, scores reflect such .
don't understand why someone just don't grab another to mentor and show others how to be as good, instead of just being a through out the match