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Well I have 16 alts and different pets on different alts. I guess I could unlock all the pets on my main toon, but I don't think I've paid for all the unlocks yet... I like to collect them overall, but then I pick my favourite for each toon.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying it might take too much time/cost too much to do it just so I can see if I can beat you

I'd like it if Collections just extended to everything. I was complaining about this yesterday, I think in another thread. I think Collections is annoying because if you get e.g. Pale Rakling, you can't unlock it because "Collections if for CM items". But then they include e.g. the PTS titles which are no longer available and the Founder medal. So if you weren't here at launch, you can never have a full Collection, but at the same time, anything you get in-game can't be unlocked across your account.

So which is it? If it's for Cartel Market items, then take out Founders Medal, PTS titles, Razor crystal, Collections Edition items, etc. If it's for everything, then put everything in. We're kind of getting the worst of both worlds.
Well I think we should be able to unlock any item in game. The problem i see is you have to put it in the interface of the collection window. It would be easier for BW to just make a list without all the fancy previews for older items or items not destine to be sold by the cartel market to save developmental cost and time. Obviously, if you were around when Pale Rakling was offered you know what it looks like and don't need a preview for it.
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