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I feel like changing back Precision to a set duration rather than charges may be enough to push this discipline up to a competitive level. The alacrity boost from Zen seems out of place now as well, since my impression was that it allowed you to squeeze some more damage in the window. The extra stack they switched it to somewhat compensated for the change, but now the alacrity boost just seems random and off-brand.

So, not that it matters at all, I suggest that the Precision window revert back to its original state - or add an additional damage boost after Zen activates.

Additionally, I'd like to point out that this is the one Mara/Sent spec that essentially requires alternate gearing to be viable. Most people just copy/paste their stats from the other 2 disciplines, and I think this is the largest factor in people feeling as if the spec underperforms.
I don't know…

There were two positive sides when Ferocity (formerly Gore) was GCD based:

- sneaking in an additional hit (GCD) due to the delivery-time of Vicious Throw/Dual Saber Thow
- sneaking in an additional hit (GCD) due to clipping Ravage 0.2s before it Ends.
Basically, if you were fast, you could hit four and Five Damage abilities within a single Gore (now Ferocity) window. That was bonkers.

On the other hand, having two and three stacks has the benefit of being more helpful with mechanics, downtimes, other priorities.

Frankly, I like where Ferocity is right now and when I look back at 5.0 where Carnage was one of the better specs, the usage of fillers hasn't really increased since then. IIrc, it should be 1-2 more fillers after each Ferocity window.
Increasing the base damage of Ravage/Gore/Massacre would be fine. Maybe by turning the Furious Power ability into a passive...