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First and foremost, the 6-piece Set Bonus is still not working correctly for Saboteur Gunslingers / Engineering Snipers. For Gunslingers, the first Sabotage Charge consumed with the first stack of Smuggler's Luck makes all following Contingency Charges crit. I would like to know if this is supposed to be intended for both Gunslingers and Snipers or not at all. It's not a game breaking thing if it's not removed/added, but further clarification here would be wonderful.

Regarding future changes to the Set Bonuses:

2 Piece: Fine where it is, there really is no Issue with it, however, it just takes a little bit of practice and timing to get max uptime with it in Dirty Fighting/Virulence.

4 Piece: I think this should be the only one that needs to be reworked. In PvP, the Energy added and Cooldown reduction rate is unnecessary. In PvE, it helps Saboteur/Engineering and Virulence / Dirty Fighting with their openers, and requires timing to put it to good use later on. The energy gain in Marksman is not very needed in PvE. I could see this go in two ways. 1) Keep following the DPS increase path, and add in the Old 4-piece in with the current bonus (decreases energy of Quickdraw / Takedown by 5) or 2) Take a defensive route, possibly reducing the cooldown of Hightail It and defensive screen by 4 or 5 seconds.
Edit: 3) Change the Illegal Mods buff to increase the duration of Illegal Mods by X seconds. Just tossing another idea here.
Edit 4) Wipe everything and make Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot useful again. "Activating Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot generates 1 extra energy per second over 15 seconds, and increases all damage dealt to the target by 10% for 6-10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.", though this should buff the damage done by Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot to about 85% of the damage dealt by Flurry of Bolts. This will grant a sort of DPS raid buff to Gunslingers / Snipers both in PvP and PvE without losing energy.

6 Piece: Besides what's already been discussed about Saboteur / Engineering, I'd say it's fine where it is. For Marksman / Sharpshooter, it provides amazing burst to the class both in most PvP and some PvE scenarios. If anything, MM/Sharp relies heavily on this utility. Sabo/Engi works the same way, although the Contingency Charges / Cluster Bombs need to be checked. I'd say the weakest point to it is in Dirty Fighting, simply because Wounding Shots / Cull is a channel, which means it can be broken. Aimed Shot / Ambush is a cast time, so timing is the only issue here, and Sabotage Charge is instant, so that explains itself. The damage dealt during the full 3 second cast by Wounding Shots / Cull itself (Not the extra DoT ticks) is about 12k in BiS PvE gear. (Used this parse as a reference), which is actually less than a typical Ambush / Aimed Shot. From a PvE perspective, this for Dirty Fighting / Virulence is fine, but since the setup for the critted Cull/Wounding Shots is so obvious, it sometimes won't get the full channel off, losing much more potential dps.
Overall here, it's got a slight disadvantage in Dirty Fighting/Virulence, but it's hard to incorperate a change here without affecting the other two specs negatively, so this should stay where it is. The only other option I'd consider is to open this up to Quickdraw / Takedown as well, but this would harm Sharpshooter in PvE under 30%, and the damage dealt by this ability is low in comparison to cull anyways.

Tl;DR : Keep 2 and 6, but look again at 4.


Saboteur / Engineering has very little use for Snipe / Charged Burst, so this won't happen. You have to keep all three disciplines in mind here.
All they have to do for Dirty Fighting is lower the cost on either Quickdraw or Dirty Blast without messing with the current 6 piece bonus. I'm still using the old 4 piece set bonus just for energy purposes.