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First and foremost, the 6-piece Set Bonus is still not working correctly for Saboteur Gunslingers / Engineering Snipers. For Gunslingers, the first Sabotage Charge consumed with the first stack of Smuggler's Luck makes all following Contingency Charges crit. I would like to know if this is supposed to be intended for both Gunslingers and Snipers or not at all. It's not a game breaking thing if it's not removed/added, but further clarification here would be wonderful.

Regarding future changes to the Set Bonuses:

2 Piece: Fine where it is, there really is no Issue with it, however, it just takes a little bit of practice and timing to get max uptime with it in Dirty Fighting/Virulence.

4 Piece: I think this should be the only one that needs to be reworked. In PvP, the Energy added and Cooldown reduction rate is unnecessary. In PvE, it helps Saboteur/Engineering and Virulence / Dirty Fighting with their openers, and requires timing to put it to good use later on. The energy gain in Marksman is not very needed in PvE. I could see this go in two ways. 1) Keep following the DPS increase path, and add in the Old 4-piece in with the current bonus (decreases energy of Quickdraw / Takedown by 5) or 2) Take a defensive route, possibly reducing the cooldown of Hightail It and defensive screen by 4 or 5 seconds.
Edit: 3) Change the Illegal Mods buff to increase the duration of Illegal Mods by X seconds. Just tossing another idea here.
Edit 4) Wipe everything and make Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot useful again. "Activating Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot generates 1 extra energy per second over 15 seconds, and increases all damage dealt to the target by 10% for 6-10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.", though this should buff the damage done by Flourish Shot / Shatter Shot to about 85% of the damage dealt by Flurry of Bolts. This will grant a sort of DPS raid buff to Gunslingers / Snipers both in PvP and PvE without losing energy.

6 Piece: Besides what's already been discussed about Saboteur / Engineering, I'd say it's fine where it is. For Marksman / Sharpshooter, it provides amazing burst to the class both in most PvP and some PvE scenarios. If anything, MM/Sharp relies heavily on this utility. Sabo/Engi works the same way, although the Contingency Charges / Cluster Bombs need to be checked. I'd say the weakest point to it is in Dirty Fighting, simply because Wounding Shots / Cull is a channel, which means it can be broken. Aimed Shot / Ambush is a cast time, so timing is the only issue here, and Sabotage Charge is instant, so that explains itself. The damage dealt during the full 3 second cast by Wounding Shots / Cull itself (Not the extra DoT ticks) is about 12k in BiS PvE gear. (Used this parse as a reference), which is actually less than a typical Ambush / Aimed Shot. From a PvE perspective, this for Dirty Fighting / Virulence is fine, but since the setup for the critted Cull/Wounding Shots is so obvious, it sometimes won't get the full channel off, losing much more potential dps.
Overall here, it's got a slight disadvantage in Dirty Fighting/Virulence, but it's hard to incorperate a change here without affecting the other two specs negatively, so this should stay where it is. The only other option I'd consider is to open this up to Quickdraw / Takedown as well, but this would harm Sharpshooter in PvE under 30%, and the damage dealt by this ability is low in comparison to cull anyways.

Tl;DR : Keep 2 and 6, but look again at 4.


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4p bonus is based in some resource regen, it is clearly the right idea. The solution though.... is far away from perfect. Since all 3 specs use Corrosive Dart, i'd make Snipe/Lethal Shot causes your next Corrosive Dart tick restore 5 energy (10 if it is a crit). If you are afraid this would push Virulence straight to the heaven - increase energy cost of Cull.
Saboteur / Engineering has very little use for Snipe / Charged Burst, so this won't happen. You have to keep all three disciplines in mind here.
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