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07.13.2015 , 04:54 PM | #14
*rage*Tbh i don't see any reason asking the community about ideas/opinion if your intent is do give set-wearer max up to 5% DPS increase. If i just think about it, that's up to 200 DPS if you normally do 4k. Does this justify the effort and time spent to get this? Clearly - NO. You can simply remove the set-items from the game. Given the fact your raid-encounters are mostly gear (DPS) check it is clear for me, this dev. team has no idea what its supposed to do. Hail all those free comms *rage ended*

If i would design a set:
I'd stay with the 2p bonus giving you a theoretical 1% DPS buff. It is not much but it teaches you at least some priority in using certain ability to get the bonus and keep its max. up-time. I'd replace the abilities though - the bonus should be granted by Penetrating Blasts/Series of Shots (and the corresponding pub abilities)

4p bonus is based in some resource regen, it is clearly the right idea. The solution though.... is far away from perfect. Since all 3 specs use Corrosive Dart, i'd make Snipe/Lethal Shot causes your next Corrosive Dart tick restore 5 energy (10 if it is a crit). If you are afraid this would push Virulence straight to the heaven - increase energy cost of Cull.

6p should be unique. For MM is should grand you 10% armor penetration, for Virulence it should make your poison effect tick 10% faster and for Engineering it should convert all damage to Elemental.

Last but not least: You should really rethink the item budget. For me as non DoT-based DPS alacrity makes 0 sense. In order to gain significant benefit from it, i need to sacrifice so much primary and secondary stats, so at the end i have a net loss...And this brings me to the idea maybe 2p bonus should be like +5-10% alacrity bonus? (added to your current %) This might make alacrity viable for everyone.