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Set bonus 2 and 6 are fine unless there would be option to reduce 30 sec cooldown to 20 sec (on set bonus 2).
The set bonus 4 in the other hand is kinda not needed, especially the energy restore. Everyone who play Sniper/Gunslinger long enough is able to never go below 60% energy.
Would be much usefull if over here pop out a nice defensive cooldown, like in eg evasion would remove all negative buffs, or using evasion finishes cooldown of escape etc.
The 4-piece set bonus is definitely necessary for Virulence, and is not something I don't appreciate for Marksman. Sure, maybe this is mostly on parses where you are always going ham instead of bosses where there is some downtime to regen energy during, but still. I would say if you never have to worry about energy management on a Sniper/Gunslinger(in PvE) you are not playing as optimally as you could be.
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