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11.04.2017 , 05:59 PM | #2
1) Vengeance juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian - amazingly fun flow in the rotation, lots of different tools, tons of aoe, sweet animations, good story - everything, basically. My favourite all around discipline.
2) Madness Sorcerer/balance sage - favourite DoT spec, love the rotation, animations, kiting and the voice of fem SI.
3) Marksman sniper/SS slinger - favourite burst spec, gives the best feel of a "pew-pew" class, love the cover mechanic and love Ambush crits. Replaying agent story every half of a year or so, it's just that nice.

Honorable mentions:
1) All 3 specs of operative/scoundrel are nice, play them from time to time to have fun. Can never stick to it for long though.
2) Marauder used to be my main for very long, still quite enjoy Annihilation but the class just got overplayed by me, I think. Can't enjoy it anymore.
3) Quite enjoy tanking, on any class, just depends on my mood. In 3.0 was mostly a sin tank, then guardian, recently been playing VG tank quite a bit.