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From the ashes of the Great Hiatus, a reborn Pax has emerged. The dreaded adult life hit our members like a highly agitated Gharj, and we all had to take a break from the greatness that is The Old Republic. Now, however, a few intrepid members have come out of the pit of Jobs and Kids, and we're on a mission to bring back some of the more glorious times of TOR in-game community vibes, and we need you to help rebuild!

What We're Looking For
As always, we want friendly, helpful players. We're more casual these days, so a strict activity requirement just isn't our thing. That said, we are looking for players that want to be a part of our community, and logging in and playing is sort of part of that. We've always been know for solid PvP and being friendly, so we will not tolerate those that are rude or offensive to others. A lot of us PvP quite a bit, but if that isn't you're thing, that's completely cool, too. As long as you're contributing your presence, and conquest points, we dig it.

Our Vision
We want to bring that great PvP from the Ebon Hawk to our new home, the Star Forge. Ranked, and unranked, mid and lowbies- our aim is to have fun and dominate. Also, we want to get back into a position of leading Operations, World boss raids, and generally just helping new players out. Lastly, we hope to get back to a place of activity of always having a few people on, and back to hosting in-game events once more. We already have the tools- all the perks, bells and whistles- all we need is you!

Current Recruiters
Jewelius ■ Snyper NoSniping ■ Kius Adius
<Pax Republica>

Casual, friendly PvP enthusiasts from forever ago. Apply today!