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07.14.2015 , 04:28 PM | #8
2 and 4-pieces set bonus is fine (btw, for previous comment, 4-piece was never fully bugged, just take off and put on all gear after changing instance, worked since the very start Upd sorry, work only for Mercenaries). Here are some ideas for 6-pieces:
1) While Supercharged Gas is active, each critical hit of Progressive Scan reduces the active cooldown of Emergence Scan by 0.4 seconds (up to 4 total seconds if all hits on all targets are critical).
2) Emergency scan has as 15% chance to grant 2% alacrity buff for 8 seconds.
3) Emergency scan has a 30% chance to immediately vent 5 heat.
4) Kolto missile has a 20% chance to grant or refresh Invigorated buff for all targets affected by Kolto shell (inside AOE).
5) Increases the amount and duration of HoT by Kolto Missile (and provide some notification of this HoT).