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Do whatever you want, I can say I never had any problem with healers or tanks in my group, not a single word, not a single leave. So I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. As I said I'm talking about mobs where I know it makes zero difference for the group. Mobs that are mostly dead before they can reach me.
At least when I'm tanking and someone does this, I just run after them aoe taunting when they pull everything and /facepalm in my mind. I don't actually say anything unless they cause wipes. Same with my healers, if I can keep everyone up easily, I won't say anything, even though it might annoy me.
There's a differerence between desirable behaviour and tolerable behaviour. And unless it becomes intolerable behaviour, I at least don't say anything. Maybe I'm the only one who does that, or maybe I'm not.
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