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sorry if i misundestood. no hard feelings this is not about us but the issues discussed and its towards that that I am focusing my comments.
As to you further comments I answered above, I am aware it is not gear 'they' wanted but decorations.
thats why I mentioned 'ultra rare cosmetics' from WoW, like the pheonix mount, obtainable only via raid (OPS)
No-one is saying not to provide decos available via grinds, the posters request implies that there be NO decos/cosmetics available only via end game content... that is just silly.. to be kind.

The reason one feels compelled to adress that post (other than it wanting to add reverentiality to itself by linking to a thread answered by 2 people and thus appearing to be imposing an agenda) is that it directly affects other players 'game' (and that of a majority to the advantage of a minority).
Hence as I want the exact opposite, and feel my enjoyment of the game would diminish if there weren't rare cosmetics available only by 'beating the game' (as a sign of effort or whatevs floats your boat) I don't want that issue (which has been forcedly escalated to an innapropriate venue to the disadvantage of other more 'popular' requests) to be perceived as not having its cons. thus i will voice my disaproval of it here just as those who advocate it feel free to express so.
I find that the specific debate however would be more sincere in its appropriate (starting) thread where it will recieve the attention it deserves from the community.

To further the above is the use of 'minorities' and claim that different play stiles are hindered by not doing what is requested which suggests that a small part of the community wants to lobby its way to the top to have its way, as a consequence I feel its is responsable and dutiful to voice against such dishonest advocating of ones agenda's particularly as it happens via the denigration of the 'norm' (just read a few comments above the 'PVP and OPs are boring and the comparisons to poo brownies)
To clarify the situation, while there is lot of decos to grind, this is more of what was added in this patch. New things. They added OPS boss with new weapons you can get from doing said OPS (or with it's currency) which was known beforehand and soloers knew this patch would not bring them anything new to do or get. Then people noticed "hurrah, new decos on vendors, something to grind for us too" and then realized that you need that OPS currency to buy them as well. That created a big disappointment. Those decos are not top tier rewards or rare cosmetics, they are humble breadcrumbs that have been there (this far) for soloers to collect. But now those new ones were all reserved for other playstyle people as well.

I am not going into who is minority and who is majority on this game. But i do think that not adding anything to one playergroup is already bad. To actually add something that solo players would enjoy to collect and then lock it behind hard to get currency feels more like slap in the face. Thing is, i think of the health of this game too, and i believe it would damage much more also your game if even more players start to leave this game, than letting solo players buy their vendor decos with currency they get from dailies. How does it even affect any other peoples game if someone buys deco from vendor and puts it in their stronghold and is happy for that? Except like, having happy people around you in the world when playing?