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04.16.2019 , 04:47 PM | #16
a tactical item that lets the devs balance pve and pvp separately would be great.

i think your context is limiting... there may be some way to turn anyones auto attack into something, or if they try to use their recharge ability in a fight it turns into another ability or something.

other ideas:
reduce cd of set bonus
reduce cd of relics
make matrix shard relic useful
companion buff
aoe buff
turn some attack into execute ability with buffed damage (to make execute rotation more fun and more effective)
sustain centric on use
burst centric on use
cool abilities like those found in jedi academy (acrobatics and stuff)... remember tumult?
reflect ability
stealth ability... like the stealth belt from kotor
historic relics with cool abilities or effects
undead buff, rhak buff, planet buff, solo space buff etc.
anything that can change the rotation just a little bit and give more damage/heals
maybe something that opens up more conversation choices... everyone hits on you, everyone hates you etc.
fake dark side looks
fake plauge looks
elemental skins... fire ice lightning stone water etc.
synergy ones that if each member of your group has different ones they combine like voltron buff or something (captain planet idea from last idea)